Where To Invest

Investing in construction is an idea of joint venture of financers (investor) and service provider (AU Builders).

One or more than one investor can join to purchase one or more properties or plots, and in the same way one or more investor can join together for the construction on the property or plot.

When an investor has the property or plot and wants us to invest on it then we arrange the funds for the construction.

When an investor has funds then we arrange property or plot to construct with us.

How To Invest

Parties involved in the purchase of the property or plot and its building enter into a leagle partnership agreement with each other and become shareholders/partners in that construction project according to the share of their investments

The property or the plot is purchased by the names of the investors (as agreed with them) to make them safe and secure for their interests Investor has complete right to monitor the building process from the base to completion.

Investor has complete right to sale the project after the completion (as agreed with each other).

After the sale of the building project, investor will get back the actual invested amount and of course with additions of the profits according to the investment, and the partnership will be closed.

What We Do

AU Builders has the dynamic platform for the investors, individuals and companies to field of the construction, but they are deficient, AU Builders give a very good and safe opportunity for them. AU Builders finds the best opportunity to buy properties or plots for the investors.

AU Builders works as a contractor for the building of the home from the base to the completion.

The good news is this AU Builders provides the no profit rates for the investors to provide them low cost construction and high profit environment.

AU Builders receives the payments according to the work of the construction stage, so that it gives an easy paying method for its investors.AU